I was born in Lisbon, 1981. With an early passage in photography at Ar.Co (art and visual communication centre, Lisbon), I later graduated with a MA Geography degree (University of Dundee) on migration fluxes. Along with people movements, I developed interest in issues on contemporary nationalisms, identity and ethnicity. From 2005 onwards I spent big spans of time out of the country while living abroad in Scotland, Catalonia and long-term travelling, until currently returned to Portugal.

To translate environmental, emotional, cultural and socioeconomic landscapes is my motivation behind the photographic process. I find sense in Sophia de Mello Breyner words:

“He who sees the awesome splendour of the world is logically led to see the astonishing suffering of the world. He who sees the phenomenon wants to see the whole phenomenon.”

Obrigado por visitar a minha página / Thanks for visiting my web, please drop a message below if you want to contact me; also check the Soul Frames Collective that I’m part of.

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